Shopping in town

Many people on a shopping street.

Shopping districts in pedestrian zones are very common in inner cities in Germany. There are different stores one after another – clothing stores, shoe stores, cell phone provider shops, pharmacies, hair salons, snack shops, drugstores and supermarkets. Offices and apartments are located in between and above them.

There are major department stores in big cities where you can buy almost anything you need. You will also find shopping malls and arcades in big cities. At weekly markets in different city districts, you can buy fresh produce from around the region. You can check on the internet when the markets are held.

Important points of reference in a German city are the city hall, the municipal theater, churches and the train station. The market square also plays an important role in the daily life of a German town.

In the summertime, after shopping, you can sit outside a cafe or restaurant to eat and drink something and watch life in action.